Everything Has Changed Music Video Premiere 2/21/12

Dan Graul has some personal thoughts on his latest single Everything Has Changed. “This song was written in the wake of losing my Mother very suddenly leukemia. My entire world was upside down, everything changed when she went into the hospital, everything changed every time I received an update. When I arrived to be with her, everything changed from day to day until she passed within a week. I wrote this song about a month after she died, as an attempt to deal with what I was feeling and try to find some acceptance in the situation. I had no idea how appropriate this song would be going into the year 2020.”

Dan’s wife, Rebecca, came up with the concept for the duo’s new music video for Everything Has Changed – out 2/12/21. The pair are big fans of Halloween, so much so that they held their wedding on October 31, 2015 and officially dubbed the day as “Grauloween.” After indulging in a glut of spooky monster movies during the quarantine version of Grauloween season of 2020, Rebecca had the thought to turn Everything Has Changed into a story about newly changed vampires for the music video. Follow along as two fresh vampires wake up and find that everything has changed, and maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

Click below to set a reminder for the video premiere on 2/12/21 at Noon (PST)