Make America Love Again

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Ever seeking artistic collaboration, Dan Graul plays many roles in his life in Los Angeles, CA – musician, writer, theatre artist, filmmaker, storyteller, husband, witch… He preaches the importance of telling/listening to stories; and works to help others find their own artistic outlet, to let their voices be heard. Dan is a believer in the concept of Tribe and seeks to empower those around him through his music, projects and through working with others collaboratively. 

With the crushing societal circumstances we currently find ourselves in, Dan thought this the perfect time to release his debut solo album Make America Love Again, out on all digital platforms on 11/27/20. The record dropped on Bandcamp on 10/30/20 as a fundraiser for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The album is comprised of songs Dan hopes will inspire and remind us that we are powerful and beautiful humans, meant to do more than play a selfish version of the game of life.