Dan Graul – We Are Wild (Summer Soul-stice Mix)

Connect to your wildness within! Trust your animal instincts! With his new single Dan Graul reminds you to tap into your primal love warrior and find your place as a part of the world.

We Are Wild was originally featured on Dan Graul’s solo debut Make America Love Again, released at the end of 2020. For this new incarnation of the track, Dan was able to bring back together most of the original lineup of his band Northern Strangers. Rebecca Graul collaborated on the songwriting for the track and is also featured on keys and backing vocals. Lee Harcourt smashes the drums and Will Norris lays down the bass. The rhythmic duo drive the track with a funky, melodic groove. The band cut their teeth playing Pink Floyd albums live around Los Angeles in the 2010’s and We Are Wild finds them riding their psychedelic influences forward into the modern indie rock sphere.