Sky At Night EP featuring Times We Had

Times We Had is a nostalgic and dreamy piece of psychedelic folk pop that was written standing on my front porch when I had just moved to Los Angeles. I was staring at a blank sky with all the stars drowned out by vast amounts of light pollution. It was like a metaphor for what was going on inside me as I took my first steps along my journey to who I have become since then – still living in Los Angeles but much more confident in self, and again seeing the stars on a much more regular basis.

The Sky At Night EP contains Constellations and Times We Had. These two songs have always felt like sister songs to me. Constellations was written on my Mom’s back porch in Missouri at a time when I was about to move away and feeling empowered and emboldened, as if the universe was presenting itself to me. Times We Had as written from a much more uncertain perspective but was born from a similar place.