New Animated Music Video for The River Pt. 1: Fossils

Just in time for Earth Day 2017, Northern Strangers announce the release of their new animated music video for The River Pt. 1: Fossils, from their latest album, Where The River Goes.

Lovers of nature and the environment, Rebecca and Dan Graul, keyboard and guitar, spend hours at LA’s Natural History Museum. One day a fossil caught their eye. They wondered in awe at a majestic beast that roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Sadly, it appeared that this particular dinosaur may have simply chosen to lay down and succumb to the changing world it could not control.

The two set to work and wove a dark tale of Jurassic proportions with an environmental message that hits eerily close to home and our current climates. The song came together as a classic rock-infused epic poem, following the plight of the last dinosaur on Earth. The music video, crafted in the style of Japanese paper animation, follows the tragic story of the dinosaurs caught in the brutal wake of an evolving planet.

As Earth Day approaches, we are reminded how we have exploited, and allowed to be pushed, the resources of our shared planet, at whose mercy our very existence lies. Northern Strangers explore uncomfortable and sobering questions – will the cycle of history and the winds of change blow us all to this same destructive fate? Will the children yet-to-be wonder what has become of our humanity?[sgmb id=”1″]