Everything Has Changed Music Video Premiere 2/21/12

Dan Graul has some personal thoughts on his latest single Everything Has Changed. “This song was written in the wake of losing my Mother very suddenly leukemia. My entire world was upside down, everything changed when she went into the hospital, everything changed every time I received an update. When I arrived to be with her, everything changed from day to day until she passed within a week. I wrote this song about a month after she died, as an attempt to deal with what I was feeling and try to find some acceptance in the situation. I had no idea how appropriate this song would be going into the year 2020.”

Dan’s wife, Rebecca, came up with the concept for the duo’s new music video for Everything Has Changed – out 2/12/21. The pair are big fans of Halloween, so much so that they held their wedding on October 31, 2015 and officially dubbed the day as “Grauloween.” After indulging in a glut of spooky monster movies during the quarantine version of Grauloween season of 2020, Rebecca had the thought to turn Everything Has Changed into a story about newly changed vampires for the music video. Follow along as two fresh vampires wake up and find that everything has changed, and maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

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Make America Love Again

Stream Make America Love Again at Bandcamp

Ever seeking artistic collaboration, Dan Graul plays many roles in his life in Los Angeles, CA – musician, writer, theatre artist, filmmaker, storyteller, husband, witch… He preaches the importance of telling/listening to stories; and works to help others find their own artistic outlet, to let their voices be heard. Dan is a believer in the concept of Tribe and seeks to empower those around him through his music, projects and through working with others collaboratively. 

With the crushing societal circumstances we currently find ourselves in, Dan thought this the perfect time to release his debut solo album Make America Love Again, out on all digital platforms on 11/27/20. The record dropped on Bandcamp on 10/30/20 as a fundraiser for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The album is comprised of songs Dan hopes will inspire and remind us that we are powerful and beautiful humans, meant to do more than play a selfish version of the game of life. 

Dan Graul “Beautiful Animal” Official Video

I wrote Beautiful Animal as a wedding surprise for my wife Rebecca. We agreed to make each other wedding gifts instead of buying something and I had never written a song about her, so I decided that’s what I would do. After a few iterations, the song came to be Beautiful Animal. I sent the song out to a bunch of my musician friends, who I knew would be attending the wedding and asked them to learn it. As the one big surprise part of the day, that Rebecca hadn’t planned or been aware of, I assembled my merry band and we played the song for Rebecca. I hope others will find encouragement in this tune, as we are all beautiful animals perched and ready to unfurl our wings, we all have the power to be anything and do anything with our lives. We are resilient, amazing animals.

Dan Graul – “Pioneers” Music Video Out Now!

Dan Graul is set to release his solo debut album, “Make America Love Again” for Halloween 2020. The second single “Pioneers” is out 10/16/20, along with a music video for the track. “Pioneers” brings to mind the challenges that early immigrants faced as they navigated the Oregon Trail to find a better life for their families. This willingness of immigrants to sacrifice and make a life is mirrored even today. As we move into the future and advance technologically, we should always remember the perseverance and determination of our ancestors; and heed their mistakes and lessons. We must be pioneers in our own rite and create a world that makes space for others who struggle and strive for more.

Dan Graul releases “The Serpent’ and announces “Make America Love Again” out 10/30/20

Dan Graul is set to release his solo debut 7 track album, “Make America Love Again” for Halloween 2020. The first single “The Serpent” is out 10/2/20, along with a music video for the track. The socio-politically charged track speaks to the worship of money and selfishness that plague our society. The track sums up that our future can be anything we want it to be, but we must choose to actively participate in the creation of that future and “fight for what’s right.”

Pre-order the alubm now and instantly download “The Serpent” at http://dangraul.bandcamp.com

Half Tongue Tribe present their debut album “All Acts Of Joy…” available March 19, 2020

Half Tongue Tribe is the spell between worlds.

Dan Graul and David LeBarron join forces for the Goddess and enchant the possibilities of paths. Their debut album “All Acts Of Joy…” contains five songs to amuse and empower listeners as only witches can!

Their first adventure, a rock-n-roll musical “Creation-ing,” reimagined creation myths and empowered personal narrative. Audiences in Hollywood came to reexamine societal misinformation and left with a macic-infused talisman to start their own healing journey towards true self. All about being publicly Pagan and praising the Gods and Goddess of ancient paths, Half Tongue Tribe always seek to blend performance, rock and interplay, to create a tribe of right now and future better-ness in each show.

“All Acts Of Joy…” will be available March 19, 2020 via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and more! Pre-order “All Acts Of Joy” at halftonguetribe.bandcamp.com and you can download the track “Henri Rousseau” today!

Northern Strangers playing fundraiser for the ACLU and Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Program

O PURCHASE TICKETS: http://tinyurl.com/clinicfundraiserla

Join us for the staged reading of THE CLINIC by Will Brumley, to raise money for reproductive justice!

Monday, July 15 @Broadwater Main Stage, 1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038
**SEATING IS LIMITED to 90 people*

Director: Carly D. Weckstein
Asst. Director: Carissa Pinckney
Cast: A’Raelle Flynn Bolden, Melissa Denton^ (Angie Tribeca, The Middle, Seinfeld), Tiwana Floyd^ (NCIS, Scandal, Ugly Betty), Marian Gonzalez, Stephen Tyler Howell, Robyn G. Lee, Elena Campbell-Martinez^ (How To Get Away With Murder, This Is Us, Vida), Mary Ellen Moreno^ (ctl alt delete), Celia Rivera, Debba Rofheart, Barb Rossmeisl*^ (Kroll Show, Shameless), and Jennifer Soo^ (LA to Vegas, Parks & Recreation, Reverie)!

* Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States
^ Member of SAG AFTRA, the Union of Professional Television and Film Actors in the United States

PURCHASING TICKETS: Suggested donation $15/person. We are foregoing traditional ticketing platforms so all monies go directly to ACLU & WRRAP.
1) Go to https://tinyurl.com/clinicfundraiserla
2) Click the “DONATE NOW” button
3) Make your donation
4) In the Comments include:
* # of tickets you need
* Name(s) for Will Call
* Any accessibility needs
* Your pronouns (optional)

Upon receipt, you will receive a confirmation e-mail w/event details & shareable FB link! There will also be a silent auction and more opportunities to donate at the event.i folx!